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Do you have a design problem in your home? Jun. 6th, 2005 @ 03:33 pm
We are developing a new series for a cable network that looks to tackle design problems/mistakes. You send us your video/photos of what you need us to tackle and we’ll either work out the problem in our studio OR come visit your home and help you tackle the problem.

We are currently looking for three subjects. The problems should be small in scope – a chair that is in dire need of a makeover, a room that needs to be better organized, a space that is lacking in color inspiration, etc.

Have something in mind? Send a brief description and photo, along with your daytime telephone number and email to the address below. We will review submissions and contact you if your project is one we may wish to tackle.


Sep. 13th, 2004 @ 01:50 pm
Hey guys,

I have a question. I just bought a new house, and I've picked out all my colors for my walls except my bedroom. I already have the comforter i want, which is black and red. What colors can go on the walls with this combination? The house is sort of small, so i have to be careful of what colors i use so it wont look smaller. Any advice? Thanks so much

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new community May. 20th, 2004 @ 06:30 pm
i'm trying to start up a new community: creativenursery.
the concept is basically a saucy dwellings but for kids' rooms.

Mar. 17th, 2004 @ 09:27 pm
This needs a desperate update but here it is.

I am contemplating on the colors for repainting my bedroom. I have determined that I want one wall to have someting Red tones and the rest I am not sure. Some suggested that i paint it black.

What to do? I desperately want a new change. Maybe a nice light airy feeling.

Feb. 23rd, 2004 @ 11:23 am
Soon my boyfriend and I will be apartment hunting. And soon we will live in stark white rooms. I dont look forward to it, but I do look forward to decorating. It will be a challege to do without having to use paint. There are many ways to spice up the rooms with fabrics or miscellaneous of objects you can use.

My goal this year is to find useful miscellaneous things that gets tossed out. Then use my craft skills to add it with the interior or sell them. So with that, I will keep you all apprised with the progress and hopefully, I will have a digital camera along with that.

For bedrooms

Headboard for the bed

For the panel:
1/2-inch plywood
Spray adhesive or regular glue
Staple gun and staples

Normally I would prefer MDF wood grade so ask for MDF. They are also cheap.

I was thinking how do I upgrade a bedroom without having to paint? (Most of the landlord prefer that you dont paint and leave the rooms white) Headboards also serves a great idea. Just keep in mind that size do matter. It depends on how apealing the size can be in the room. First you measure your mdf to the size you want and cut them. Then spray adhensive for the batting (a thick foam if you are unsure what batting is) to adhere to the board. So it wont slide all over the place. Then fabric it, make sure each side are taunt to prevent winkles. Idealisic you would screw it to the bedframe, but nowdays you can just lean it against the wall and push the bed up to prop it up. (usually they screw it in the wall so it can hold but you cant do that in an apartment can you?) So that way it wont shake or look flimsy. It will look like it was done by a professional.

Ive been reading my Trading Spaces books that i ordered months ago. I love it. Lots of great ideas. I will post them later..................



I had another idea. After you finish stapling the fabric, you can also add frames, or just add more thickness by putting 4 stripes of wood on each side and then that way you have room to drill a hole and put 2 lamps on each side of the headboard, Use the electric outlet inside, then push it back to the wall, that way it looks like it was wired profesonally but its plugged in.
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Hi! this is a great community!

A few months ago I expressed to my boyfriend that I was unhappy with my bedroom's appearance. He promised to help me remodel it. We were thinking, maybe just a little paint. You see, it was all a blueish white, and there were marks from my little sister all over the place. It was cluttered, and it wasn't inviting. No one would want to hang out in there. I didn't even want to. I had a twin sized ugly wooden bed, that was as exciting as a snail race, and posters everywhere. It looked like a ten year old lived in it.
Well three weeks, two gallons of paint, and one queen sized bed later, my Gothic Asian Love Sanctuary was born.

Sexy Pictures (that work now)Collapse )

Be warned: There are eight pictures. I just hope everyone looks at them because I am in love with my bedroom. Plus it took almost eight hours for me to do this just right. PLZ look!!!
» (No Subject)
Welcome and please feel free to post tips, pictures of your projects and your room to be rated, Dont be shy, come on in and share!
» (No Subject)
Adding accessories to the interior is very important to keep us entertained. Obviously if you have varities of tastes in interior design, you will be able to see most of the tips on HGTV (Home and Garden Television station). Also on Discovery channel, like Trading Spaces, While you were out, or BBC Changing Room, and varities of interior show. All these hosted on Discovery is from BBC affliate which originate the idea from Changing room, but branched out.

The importance of interior designing is to make each one of us feel identify with our own tastes in style and make our life simpler as well easier to live in. The sense of comfort of knowing that you are secure in your own home, without the clutters, the mismatch throwing your karma out of wack, or achieves nothing in inspiration and sense of trend. So in order to feel in place, the designs are there for you to create.

Its really simple if you follow the fundemental rules of interior design, following the single object but branching out to many type of colors and pattern to create a symphony. Budgeting is the most preferable option in most homeowners whom have almost no money at all. It is really easy to find things from inside of your own home stashed away and never made part of the interior. Or flea markets, yard sales, these type of places are an easy access to decorate your own home. As well for various of home own businesses that would love to make deals on the prices of the object that they supply. Like junkhouse, or collections they store for sales and such things like that. But becareful not to over clutter your home again.

Once you have acheive these goal of interior design that fits you and your tastes, you'll find the results change over night. Your additude and the mood changes, you feel refreshed, at ease, and comfortable. These acheivement is the main goal of feeling good for yourself, knowing you decorated well within the concept and being successful.

Happy design and hunting.
» (No Subject)
In May 2003 I planned on making a coffin entertainment center. Thus I was able to for under 200 dollars that I had in my hand. I ordered 5 of 6 foot and couple of yards in width wood for cheap 28 dollars each. Real simple. Although the biggest mistake was that I needed tools to be able to cut. I went out and bought a hand jig saw which was very uncomfortable for heavy duty type. Jig Saw is easy if you have small projects so take heed!! Anyway I called over parents friend who had alot of equipement for those sort and asked him to help me cut wood and numbered each of those. Then I started to put them together myself and painted them. Then presto my very own Coffin Entertainment Center.

My regrets are spending alot of money when you dont have the right equipment. So be prepared!!! Ive learned my lesson.
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